Blenheim: Biking and Wining

In Queenstown, I worked for a while with a lovely kiwi, Hilary. After a couple months, she moved to Blenheim at the top of the South Island. Since it was near Nelson and the Interislander Ferry, Gordon and I planned to visit her on our month-long trip after Abel Tasman, before heading to the North Island. It also happens to be right in Marlborough, one of New Zealand’s main wine regions, known principally for its Sauvignon blanc. So on Easter Sunday, we hit the road for Blenheim.

NZ_3611An Easter rainbow for our drive to Blenheim

NZ_3621Most things were closed because it was Easter, but Gordon and I stopped at a vineyard and cellar that was surprisingly open.

NZ_3625Easter sheep, too! Some vineyards use sheep for leaf plucking as a way to reduce fuel and energy usage. In some cases, they even argue sheep are more effective and gentler for the plants than humans.

Gordon and I got to Blenheim while Hilary was on a holiday trip to the sounds, so we had a day to explore on our own. We had enjoyed our bike/wine tour of Central Otago in January, so we decided to replicate that in Marlborough. When we looked into some of the options, we found a place that rents tandem bikes. Well, Gordon and I just can’t be apart, so that was the clear choice.




Tandem bikes. Wow. They are a lot harder than you might think and require serious teamwork. I picked the back, hoping I could just sit and occasionally stop pedaling without Gordon knowing, but unfortunately that’s not the case. However, I was able to just pedal and not pay attention or steer, so I could multi-task, taking pictures or checking the map.


NZ_3648My view for the day…


 Before coming to New Zealand, Gordon’s dad bought us a beer from NZ to taste. This brewery, Moa, just so happens to be in Blenheim, so we stopped in addition to the local wineries.

NZ_3644The giant Moa outside the brewery – Named after a huge land bird (no, not as big as this statue) that was hunted to extinction by the Maori



We had a perfect day with fantastic weather and beautiful views, despite the sore bums and tired legs from biking.

NZ_3658Evening sky in Blenheim after our bike tour and a tasty curry dinner with Hilary and Jeff


4 thoughts on “Blenheim: Biking and Wining

    • Yes, Suz, it can get cuter… Mini sheep! One vineyard uses mini sheep for mowing the lawns because it has the same effect, but you Don’t have to worry about them eating the fruit! Apparently sheep are like bookclub girls. Once they get a taste for the wine, you can’t get them to stop.

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