Look Mom! I’m skydiving!

Hey Mom,

When I initially told you that I might go skydiving while I was in NZ you told me not to tell you about it before it happens. Just tell you after it’s done.

I jumped out of a plane 12,000 feet above the ground two days ago. Spoiler alert: I survived.

All morning I wasn’t scared as much as I was nervous. Then the airplane door opened. I was petrified.

Miriam was sitting right next to the door and then it opened and the next moment she was gone. No goodbye. No dramatic last words. She just rolled out of the plane and was gone. That’s when it hit me and that’s when the cussing started. Luckily the tandem instructors don’t give you any time to think about what you’re about to do. As soon as the door opens at 12,000 feet they move you over to the edge, you stick your feet out of the plane, tuck your head back on their shoulder and out you go.

So, just like that, I was plummeting towards middle earth. It was exhilarating, beautiful and terrifying all at once. I had incredible views of the Crown Range Mountains, the Kawarau River and multiple lakes. It was such a clear day that felt like I could see all of the South Island. The free fall lasted 45 seconds and we probably floated down with the chute open for 5 minutes. Once we landed we all hugged and exuberantly shared our well-articulated thoughts on what had just happened (“THAT WAS AWESOME”). There was much rejoicing.

Unfortunately, you have to pay a lot of money, give up your first and second born sons and sign away a kidney to get photos and video from in the air so none of us did that. You’ll just have to settle for these before and after pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like a lot of the really amazing life experiences that I have, this one was completely Miriam’s idea. I’m kind of a wuss and there is no way I would have done something this incredible without her pushing me. So if you’re upset with me, blame her.

Love you,



2 thoughts on “Look Mom! I’m skydiving!

  1. Oh my gosh! So excited for you guys…this was a great post Gordon…I loved this letter to your Mom. As a Mamma…you did the right thing to tell her afterwards..great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you all do next. Love Miriams guts.

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