Congratulations Puz! My FOMO flare-up

In our game of chicken when Gordon and I were talking about coming to New Zealand, one of the obstacles that was thrown out was “Man, we might miss out on big events back home!” Considering I have an extreme chronic case of FOMO (fear of missing out),  this was a big thing for me.

When I got an email the other day from one of the most awesome people I know, Suz, with a cryptic subject line about one of the other coolest people I know, Poz, I had a spazz attack while waiting for the photo (which was ultimately of her wearing a beautiful diamond ring!) to load. After the initial excitement and happiness for them, I realized I was a bit bummed to be missing out on the celebration in person. Talking to them about it on Skype was better than nothing, but it was not quite the same. Plus, I can’t stop thinking about the fantastic party I wish I could throw for them.

prenz 023

Congratulations to these two love birds. I couldn’t be happier for them and I’m so pumped that this thing is going to last forever!

So for those wondering, yes. It is hard missing out on big events in our friends’ lives. It’s hard not being there for everything.  But then Gordon and I will take an afternoon hike, or bike to a winery, or just spend time exploring and experiencing this new place, and even though I do miss things and people back home, I realize I have absolutely no regrets. Plus, I’m still throwing that awesome party soon after our return.

In honor of two of the greatest people I have gotten to know and love, here is a gallery of pictures Suz has been requesting since I got here: “MOAR SHEEP!”

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