My Running Resolution… Achieved!

So I realize that talking about running is similar to talking about your dreams or fantasy football – no one cares unless it directly affects them. But in the spirit of New Years and resolutions, I’m sharing a running update. Last year I made a resolution to keep track of my miles and times for running, with the goal of reaching 1,000 miles. In early December, I met it! Since then I’ve surpassed it, and this year I spent more than six days worth of time running. This doesn’t include any hikes or walks, just when I went out for a run.

1000 miles

I haven’t been running quite as much here as I was back in the states – working in a restaurant makes it pretty difficult. With odd hours and being on my feet all the time, I’m more susceptible to excuses, but I’ll be changing that soon. I’ve picked my next half marathon – here in New Zealand! I’ll be doing the half marathon of this with a friend or two while Brett does the full:

Also… remember this trail that Gordon and I did when we first got here? Today I ran it. Well, if I’m being totally truthful it was more of a powerful hike/run combo on the way up and a semi-controlled fall on the way down. It took me half the time to get down than it took me to get up and I’m pretty sure I tasted blood from my lungs a few times.

In my mind, I looked like Pocahontas running through the woods, but it was probably closer to this kid in the glasses: 

It was super hard, but I’m super proud. Also, I have a lot of work to do before the half. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go take an ice bath and cry myself to sleep.


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