Merry kiwi Christmas!!!

It’s Boxing Day in Queenstown!! While Christmas was nothing like our usual, with family, hot cocoa, carols, decorations, and pjs, we managed to make it special in new ways. The days leading up to Christmas weren’t filled with the normal holiday cheer, but we got to spend time with Sarah, Brett, and Brett’s visiting friend Scott on the routeburn track (more to come later). It was true to our life in New Zealand, and was a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. I didn’t expect it to feel like Christmas, and for the most part it hasn’t with all the beach lounging, sunscreen, and surfer Santa Christmas advertisements, but as Christmas here wraps up, I do feel how special it is and can think about the importance of the holiday. Plus, I’ve got a great guy by my side to make it wonderful no matter what. (#barfworthy)
So for our friends and family, here is a special Christmas Card!

christmas card


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