Miriam and Gordon’s Day Off

Recently Miriam and I had the same day off, and while we didn’t sing Wayne Newton in a parade or impersonate Abe Froman, we still took full advantage of the situation. The weather was pretty much perfect and it might have been the hottest day since we’ve gotten here (about 75-80 degrees). We tried out a new walking trail to an area called Sunshine Bay.

FUN FACT: It used to be called Sandfly Bay but apparently real estate in Sandfly Bay was selling like coldcakes which prompted the name change. This “fact” may just be a rumor but I like it so I’m saying its true. Man, I would have made a great journalist.

Queenstown also used to be called Wenchtown but the name was changed for the same reason. Ok I made that up but the stuff about Sunshine Bay is true.

We took the walking trail about an hour outside of town until we discovered a relatively remote and sunny beach where we hung out. There isn’t much more that I can say so enjoy the pictures!

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