Five things that just aren’t ‘A Thing’ here

Here are a handful of things I’ve noticed missing since we’ve been here. Also… some of my favorite pictures we’ve taken yet!

Drip Coffee – Want a cup of plain ol’ coffee? Good luck finding it. Remember when Starbucks first got popular, and you had to train yourself to say Grande instead of medium? NZ has their own language for drinks too. You can get a short black, long black, flat white, etc.  Oh, and Starbucks is a joke here, but I can’t help it, I still sometimes want some sugary flavored syrups.

Pumpkin Beers (or pumpkin obsessions in general) – Pumpkin puree doesn’t exist here, as I learned Thanksgiving feast shopping, but the food itself does. I’ve seen it used in a few meals at restaurants, but otherwise, the pumpkin craze isn’t present here. When I asked a friend who brews if he would ever do a pumpkin beer, he had never even heard of a pumpkin beer.

Leash Laws – Good news. I’ll be able to stay sane, because I won’t be going six months without puppy time. One of my friends brought along her pup for a hike the other day. I was shocked to see that he rarely on a leash – usually only in high traffic areas. There are a few signs showing places dogs are meant to be on leashes, but even those signs go mostly ignored.

Single dwelling units – It might be different once people have families or once they aren’t living in town. But so far, I haven’t met anyone who lives in a place alone or with only a partner. I live with four roommates myself and have friends living with as many as 20 people in one house.

Accurate American stereotypes – No one likes to be stereotyped, as they are often offensive and inaccurate. But I could (and at some point might) write an entire post on the stereotypes I’ve heard and been accused of.

A chef at my work, about myself and another American there: You two must not be Christians, since you’ve traveled outside of the US.

Me: Well, no that’s not true. I am, and I’m travelling, what makes you think that?

Chef:  Well all American Christians are extremists, and they don’t travel.

I’m guessing he also thinks all Muslims and jihadists and all Mormons are polygamists. That’s not even the full, inaccuracy-ridden conversation. People are also shocked to hear that this is not my first time out of the States, I have an open mind about politics and civil liberties, and I don’t eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast and cornbread for lunch every day.


Gordon and I finally got a night off together, so we had a nice date night. Here are a series of pictures from the evening, taken over the water. The first was taken around 7:45, and the last one (still light in the sky) was taken at 9:45 pm. It’s shocking how late it stays light here.






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