View From a Park Bench

Last week I spent some time sitting on a bench, drinking a Speights Lager in the beautiful Queenstown Gardens. You’re allowed to drink outside until 10 and it’s completely normal to see people sitting outside and having a beer so I didn’t look like a bum. I wanted to share what I saw with all of you, so click through the slideshow below to see this panoramic view.

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4 thoughts on “View From a Park Bench

  1. Hey Gordon!!!!! This is amazing. Enjoy every minute and keep up this amazing blog. I also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the United States.


    • Thanks Derrick! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We’ll keep blogging as long as you keep reading. Glad your Cowboys could pull out a win. See you in the first round perhaps???

  2. I see more great posts. Thanks for updating us and for the amazing picture. New Zealand is on my hot list for sure.

    I am also happy about the win but mad the Eagles keep winning. Looks like we’ll have to beat them at the end of the season to get in.

    I do see a matchup w/ you in our future, but history is not in our favor on that one.

    We shall see.
    Catch you soon.

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