Putting the “working” in Working Holiday

Miriam and I are both officially working kiwis! People are very impressed that we were both able to find jobs in less than a week. However, most people admit to not being very motivated to find work in Queenstown. I wonder why?


Miriam is working at an Italian restaurant called Sasso. I’ll let her tell you about it another time. I’m here to talk about me.

I’m working as a salesman/greeter/server at a steakhouse called Prime. There is a walkway going around Lake Wakatipu where there is a lot of foot traffic and activity and Prime has a courtyard and entrance on this walkway. My job is to stand at the entrance to this courtyard and encourage people to come into the restaurant by making conversation with them and talking about the restaurant. This is the view I have from where I stand.




I know, right? This is my office.


Not only do I get to admire this postcard-worthy view every day but I get to chat with people of all different backgrounds which I love to do. Since Queenstown has so many tourists I have met people from every continent and I probably meet at least one American every shift. I’ve started keeping a scrap of paper in my pocket during shifts to write down all the funny/weird/interesting/cool things that happen so that I don’t forget them.

– There is always at least one musician or performer that sets up shop along this walkway and I get to enjoy them during my shift. There are guys that jump off a roof into the water, a fire juggler, a piano man, and a couple different guitarists. One of the guitarists played Incident on 57th Street and I told him that I like that song so now he plays it whenever he sees that I’m working. Another guy also plays Wagon Wheel and it’s pretty crazy that I’m 8500 miles away and still hear someone singing the lyric, “if I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free.”

– I had an Asian girl ask to take a picture with me. I obliged and after I asked why she wanted a picture with me and her friend said it was because she thought I was handsome.


– One night there was a Asian tour group in our restaurant. One of the guys walked out and asked me how to get to a place he was calling “pogapoga.” After showing me a picture on his phone I realized he was talking about Fergburger, which is a popular burger place in town. Even though he didn’t really speak English I pointed him in the general direction and as soon as I finished he took off sprinting towards it. When he got back two more of his buddies came out and asked me the same thing, I told them them the same thing and then they took off sprinting. It was very funny to me to see three grown men leave a restaurant, ask directions to another restaurant, and take off running full speed towards it even though it’s open until 5am, and then bring their burgers back and eat them in our restaurant.

Anyway, I’m loving this job. The people I work with are really cool, I get a steak dinner and a beer for free every night, I get some of the best people watching I can imagine, the scenery can’t be beat and THEY PAY ME TO DO THIS.



2 thoughts on “Putting the “working” in Working Holiday

  1. Your job sounds incredible and perfect for you! Unless it’s raining. Hopefully they have some TVs for early morning football games! Does Miriam work near you?

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