Queenstown Skyline Gondola Trail

It’s finally here! The post you’ve been waiting for… a post with beautiful pictures!

While we’ve done several runs along the lake and checked out the gorgeous Queenstown gardens, Thursday was our first hike – or tramp if you prefer. We opted for the Tiki trail at the Skyline Gondola. It starts at the base of the mountain where the wimpiest (or those planning to extreme mountain bike their way down) climb into a gondola. Those looking to add some challenge follow the trail. When I was looking into it, I thought I remembered seeing something about it being an easy hike. Maybe in time… but for two novices, it was tough.


Yes, that is a look of fear and self-doubt on my face. And if you can’t tell, that is a steep, steep trail. Along the way though, we were rewarded with awesome views…



and the occasional resting spot…


It’s a chair! Carved from the stump of a tree! Or, in case for some reason we got stuck on the mountain and the other hikers couldn’t help us, Gordon found housing.


This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this Gollum-style tunnel went down really far. Too far for us to feel comfortable actually checking out.

On this trail, we crisscrossed the mountain biking trails a few times. We quickly learned not to linger at those intersections. Getting creamed by a mountain bike is on our list of to-don’t for now.

At the top, we were rewarded with great views of Queenstown. At 1500 feet above the town we could see everything. We were also rewarded with the entertaining show of  luging (see also – Involuntary Luging) and the occasional paraglider.




In other news, we’re on a lucky streak!

We played Quiz Night (trivia) at Pog Mahones on Tuesday night because we were missing our crew. No, we didn’t win. In fact, we came in last. But that’s OK – either the emcee felt sorry for us or we were the only team who didn’t earn a prize – because we won the drawing – a $25 giftcard to the bar. Sweet as, mate.

Thursday night, while Gordon was makin’ that guap, I went out for a drink with an Italian from our hostel. I convinced him to play one of the games the bar was hosting. The players tied balloons to their ankles, then proceeded to stomp on each others balloons (kind of like Mario Kart Battle). Georgio got second, winning a free paragliding trip. A little later, they held another game – similar to musical chairs. I of course had to enter. Rather than just sitting back down when the music stopped, we had to find from the crowd before returning to our seats. Georgio hooked me up with everything but the last round. That one was all me. If you want the details, just ask! It’s a good story for another day. So what did I win? A BOGO skydiving trip in Wanaka! Stay tuned for trip pics and details.


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