Sharing the news

The worst parts of preparing to leave the country for six months are as follows:

  1. planning to leave friends and family
  2. the to-do list that seems to keep growing, never shrinking
  3. pretending to pack, then realizing it actually has to get done

That’s it. Everything else is awesome. One of my favorite parts is telling people what I’m doing and where I’m going. Here are a few of my favorite moments so far:

Talking to a geographically-challenged friend:

Me: We’ve decided we’re going to New Zealand!

Friend: Cool! How long?

Me: Six months is the goal for now.

Friend: Eesh! that’s a long time! I didn’t even know you guys spoke Spanish!

Me: …..

Friend: oh… nevermind.

At the doctor’s office:

Me: Yup, six month’s in New Zealand! I’m very excited.

Doctor: Oh wow! That’s great… Ok, nice and small, just like it’s supposed to be.

Me: Yeah, it is a pretty small countr…. oh… she is NOT talking about the country, instead talking about my health.

Doctor: It’s supposed to be gorgeous!

Me: 😦 it’s not? OH! She’s back to the New Zealand conversation

Turning in my notice to my small company who has never had anyone leave the company:

Me: Handing in my resignation letter So I’ve decided I am going to go ahead and move to New Zealand

Ben: opening letter

Me: So November 1 will be my last day working here

Ben: scanning the letter, nodding like he understands

Me: …

Ben: looking up at me, then down at the letter a few times

Me: It’s just such a great opportunity I can’t imagine passing it up! followed by other random cliches because I feel uncomfortable and don’t know what else to say

Ben: finally…points at last paragraph Wait! WHAT?! You’re leaving!



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